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A Candian Umoungst You

So it's been well over a year since I emmigrated from the my great homeland of Canada to my great new home in the United Kingdom. From living with my wonderful inlaws for a year, to coping with working in a new enviornment, buying my first UK home and restarting my photography business here. It's been an up and down and all around kind of ride!

Fortunetly it's been for the most a positive experience. When you leave your homeland you hope that it will be for the better and yes it has been. It's not perfect, but then again nothing ever really is. Despite my wifes concerns I am happy, it's just hard navigating a new year in a new enviornment.

I came from a country where I was my own boss, made my own schedule, my own choices and grew my own business. Coming here I couldn't just jump into photography full time. I have bills to pay. So with a full time job it's hard to find the time to grow this bussiness and give it the time it deserves without taking the time I also need with my wife and kids away. So it s a slow burn, a crawling climb.

But it's happening.

Here in this blog (from time to time) I will update stories on clients I have working with. The experiences of them and provide photos, ancidotes of these experience. I hope at times it may be entertaining, funny, insightful and helpful to those who are either living as a Canadian in the UK or starting/living as a photographer.

If you wish to her about my point of view on certain topics leave a comment below or shoot me an email!


Billy Squire

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