Garry & Sonia, Sandycove Hotel

Since my start in wedding photography, I have always had a rule of never photographing family or friends weddings. Well I guess some rules are meant to be broken. When approached to do Garry and Sonia's wedding  I couldn't resist capturing this glorious couple at the spectacular Watersmeet Hotel.

As the guests arrived and made their way down I found it very different being on this side holding my camera. It was far more personal and at times I had to keep reminding myself that I am the photographer not a guest so that I didn't become distracted in the moment and events.

But as the ceremony went underway I was excited and honoured to be able experience the wedding of friends and family through my lens.

I was glad to have broken my rule and experienced this wedding from my camera and as a guest and as the day and night progressed I slowly transitioned from the photographer to being the guest and fully relax and enjoy this magical day.


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