We Eat

With Our

Eyes First

Since moving to England I have taken a keen liking to food photography. When the plate comes out of the kitchen it's already a work of art, it's my job to capture the delicous presentation the Chef's have created. I do this simply in 2 ways:

1. No Gimmicks
Your Food as your Chefs intended  it to be presented to your customer
 No Gimmicks
Your restaurant provides the backdrop for the scene.
 Your Venue

No fake cheese, plastic, tricks or sneaky devilry. Just your food as it's meant to be in your restaurant.

Perfect For Training

Keep a visual reference for Chefs and Chefs in training to improve presentation and consistency.


Unique Marketing Strategies

Offset the cost of the photo shoot and promote your business at the same time with my unique marketing strategies. Contact me for more details.

About My Food Photography

Since moving to England I have taken up a management position in our family restaurant. Being a keen photographer I found an instant passion in photographing food. Since then I have photographed food for some of the best restaurants in North Devon and Cornwall.


After researching how to improve my food photography I quickly learned the industry revolved around tricks and gimmicks. Which I don't like. I want the food fresh out of the kitchen just as it would be presented to your customers. This presents a challenge but the result is something spectacular!


Your Chef is an artist and the meals that come out are a work of art. My goal is to photograph and present their work in the best possible light and in the best possible place; your restaurant.