Over the years I found that most people hate having their photo taken. And I am no different. But I love this photo of me and my son, taken in the Braunton Burrows one of my favorite places in all of Devon. These are the moments I love to capture and am grateful that it was taken for me.


I'm a family man. Everything I do is for them. My goal in life is time. Time for my family, time for passion, time for life. That's why I like photography and design, it doesn't feel like work, it feels like a connection to something greater, a smaller piece of a larger goal.


I'm not a shy person, not by a long shot, I know when to blend in but what makes me me, is my ability to engage, to be funny, to not take life or my self to seriously. I've always said whether talking to corporations, employees or the people I know, 'It's all about fun'. Otherwise, what's the point?